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Mission Statement

LFFA Charter: Vision, Values and Mission Statement

In order to ensure that the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance's Strategic Planning Framework is based on a shared sense of direction and reflects the needs and desires of all participations we have developed a guiding "Charter", that clearly articulates the following:

Vision: The desired, ideal outcome towards which the organization is working

Values: The guiding principles that determine how the group works together, how they expect to treat each other, and be treated by others

Mission: A statement that clearly expresses the purpose of the organization

The Charter acts as a clear and permanent reference point for the organization, and a measure for all future planning, activities and outcomes.

Over the course of two facilitated sessions, the LFFA Representatives have confirmed the following Vision, Values and Mission Statement, as its Charter:

The LFFA is working towards a Vision of an ideal future, in which:

  • The LFFA is a voice for the first Nations of the Lower Fraser River. We work collaboratively and holistically to manage our fishery and to support our cultural and spiritual traditions for future generations.

The Mission of the LFFA is:

  • To promote and support the management of a robust and expanding fishery for the First Nations of the Lower Fraser River.

The work of the LFFA is guided by the following Shared Values:

  • Respect for the opinions, voices, experiences and culture of others.
  • Our inherent rights to fish and manage the fishery.
  • Trust, Honesty, Openness, and Reciprocity.
  • Commitment to the sustainability of our fisher for 7 generations.
  • Recognition of the connectivity of the ecosystem.
  • Collaboration: "Fishers working together" - Sq'eptset Syoyes Sth'o'th'eqwi.

LFFA Strategic Framework 2011 - 2016

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