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  • LFFA Executive Committee Meeting

    LFFA Executive Committee Meeting

    Thursday, December 9, 2021

    The December LFFA EC Meeting will be held on December 9, 2021 from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

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  • LFFA December Forum

    LFFA December Forum

    December 14th-16th, 2021

    Location: The Listel Hotel, Vancouver, BC


LFFA Fishers Working Together

LFFA Fishers Working Together Video

In order to ensure that the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance's Strategic Planning Framework is based on a shared sense of direction and reflects the needs and desires of all participations we have developed a guiding "Charter", that clearly articulates the following:

  • Vision: The desired, ideal outcome towards which the organization is working
  • Values: The guiding principles that determine how the group works together, how they expect to treat each other, and be treated by others
  • Mission: A statement that clearly expresses the purpose of the organization

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COVID-19 Communications


In light of recent decisions by the Federal and Provincial Governments, including having their employees work from home, all LFFA employees will do the same for the foreseeable future. Our office will be closed indefinitely until it appears reasonable to return. We respect the safety and health of our employees, the colleagues they interact with regularly and the general public. Our focus will be to maintain our operations understanding that there will be the odd challenge as we transition from our usual interactive in person business to remote engagements. The LFFA family thanks you for understanding as we do our part to minimize the growth of this virus.


Fishers hold DFO accountable for B.C.’s shocking salmon decline

Salmon stocks on the Fraser have tumbled in the past decade, leading Fisheries and Oceans Canada to limit Indigenous food fisheries on the river, even as some recreational fishing is allowed. While the decision has caused tensions, there is one point where both anglers and First Nations agree: DFO is failing the salmon and the people who love and depend on them.


Experts await details on feds’ new strategy for B.C. salmon

 “We’re literally losing our food security, but also our cultural security and integrity and connection to the Fraser River and the salmon species that go along with it,”


A new study looks at the connection between declining salmon numbers in the Fraser River and habitat loss.


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