Fish Habitat Restoration

The Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance (LFFA) is interested in improving the quality and integrity of fish habitat in the Lower Fraser River and want to work with Lower Fraser First Nations to ensure that this work is done. In 2016, the LFFA received funding from DFO's Fish Habitat Restoration Initiative (FHRI) to support 30 First Nations communities (from mouth of Fraser to Yale) to initiate and conduct fish habitat restoration projects within their territories. Our goal for this project is to protect and re-establish fish populations to a level where First Nations can continue or reinstate fishing, particularly in terminal areas.

The LFFA's Fish Habitat Restoration Work has two primary components: outreach and coordination with Lower Fraser First Nations; and providing technical support and capacity building to Lower Fraser First Nations. The LFFA executes these components through coordination and organization of workshops, drafting of habitat restoration project funding proposals for our member First Nations, and conducting preliminary field surveys to assess and inventory potential habitat restoration sites and store that information in our "LFFA Habitat Restoration Database".

As LFFA expands our work in Fish Habitat Restoration, we will continue to promote the presence of First Nations in habitat restoration projects along the Lower Fraser. We want to ensure that habitat restoration work follows a holistic vision that incorporates First Nations' values in the improvement and restoration of fish and fisheries for Lower Fraser First Nations.

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